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Find unique holiday and seasonal items, like decorations and accessories for your home or office and jewelry pieces and apparel designs for your special celebrations. Collections of the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, and the American History Museum include holiday decorations, music boxes and other seasonal items.
Animated Happy Camper Music Box

Orig.: $135.00

NOW: $49.99

Winter Birds Dinner Mats

Orig.: $60.00

NOW: $29.99

Winter Birds Coasters

Orig.: $25.00

NOW: $11.99

Ruby Red Dessert Plates

Orig.: $95.00

NOW: $69.99

Animated Santa Juke Box

Orig.: $90.00

NOW: $39.99

Potted Red Amaryllis

Orig.: $65.00

NOW: $29.99

Bud and Cardinal Planters

Orig.: $34.00

NOW: $12.99

Musical 50's Holiday Car

Orig.: $100.00

NOW: $39.99

Frog Prince Nutcracker

Orig.: $80.00

NOW: $39.99

Glass Candlesticks

Orig.: $120.00

NOW: $59.99

Radiant Bowl

Orig.: $180.00

NOW: $139.99

Byers' Choice® Wine Santa

Orig.: $110.00

NOW: $54.99

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