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Handcrafted Gifts

SmithsonianStore.com is proud to offer an array of handcrafted items from around the world. Shop handcrafted American made jewelry, handmade items from Africa, blown glass from the renowned Island of Murano and much more! Shop today to celebrate the traditions and handiwork of fine artisans from around the world.
Artisan Longevity Jewelry

$50.00 - $195.00

Hand Carved Sitting Buddha


Lacy Leaf Batik Top


Miao Silver Flower Cuffs


Hand-Painted Chinese Beauties


Altiplano Stripes Alpaca Scarf


Long Bali Batik Dress


Baby Jellyfish Paperweights


Multi-Faceted Mosaic Jewelry

$95.00 - $395.00

Murano Rainbow Glass Necklace


Murano Rainbow Glass Clock


Italian Cut Crystal Decanter


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