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Art Reproductions

Omni Fine Arts

SmithsonianStore.com offers high-quality reproductions of artwork and photography. Whether on fine art paper or textured canvas, these prints offer brilliant high-resolution imaging and maximum color fidelity and stability provided by the specially formulated, long-lasting inks and museum quality protective coating. Giclée canvas reproductions are printed on artist-grade canvas using 200-year archival ink. Our prints on paper are offset lithographs.

Our museum reproduction pieces are a unique form of reproduction called OmniPrints. Click here to find out more about these limited edition reproductions.

Giclée Reproductions on Canvas

A unique printing process called Giclée (French for "to spray") offers high quality digital reproductions. This high-resolution imaging and maximum color fidelity and stability is provided by 200 year archival inks, 1200 dpi (dots-per-inch) and UV-resistance that provides unsurpassed quality.

Offset Lithograph

The most commonly used commercial printing process is offset lithography. This is a method of printing from a metal or stone surface on which the printing areas are made ink-receptive. Rather than pressing inked images onto paper using plates with raised or etched plates, an image is transferred to the paper using oil-based inks, chemically-treated plates made from photographic negatives, and an offset cylinder.

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