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Clothing & Accessories

Our selection of shirts, jackets, scarves, and wallets is inspired by the art, design and historical collections of the Smithsonian Institution. Ladies and mens tees, beautifully embroidered coats, silk scarves and stylish totes are great additions to any wardrobe. Clothing and accessories are featured in several collections at our American History Museum.
Domenica Floral Print Dress


Reversible Flowing Wisteria Jacket


Red-Crowned Crane Jacket


Reversible Sea Coral Quilted Jacket


Profusion of Peonies Scarf


Caribbean Blues Quilted Jacket


Asian Fan Kimono Jacket


Golden Aura Blossoms Kimono


Jacquard Paisley Vest


Smithsonian Qing Court Scarf


2015 Smithsonian Cherry Blossom Scarf


Flowing Carp Yukata


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